This page lists people who can offer talks and workshops about GreenSpirit and green spirituality.

Hello, I’m Chris Newsam and I live in North Yorkshire. My passion is sharing my love of nature and deepening connection with our sacred planet home. I’m happy to travel to your group or event to talk about our work and witness at GreenSpirit. We have much to say and share which we hope will inspire you during these turbulent and challenging times. Based as I am in North Yorkshire I’m happy to travel anywhere in The North of England. I haven’t got the answers but I can present some positive and exciting ways forward – something for everyone no matter age or background. Below is a short list of potential talks, seminars or retreat titles, but you may have specific needs and I’m happy to adapt to what’s most helpful for you. I have many years campaigning and public speaking experience, am an Interfaith Minister and Quaker Unitarian.

* GreenSpirit – making deep connections with nature and with each other

* GreenSpirit – its history and vision

* Feeling one with all of Life – an enriching experience

* GreenSpirit – starting a local community group

* What can we do beyond protest and anxiety

My contact details are: email: or telephone 01653 693913.
There is no charge, but I appreciate reasonable travelling expenses. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your group.

What is Green Spirituality?

A talk by Ian Mowll

Green spirituality is about our connection with the planet Earth, how we can be inspired to live sustainably and with compassion for all living beings. This form of spirituality is vital for our times of environmental challenges. How has green spirituality evolved? How has it been influenced by other spiritual traditions? What are the rituals and practices that ground this form of spirituality? How is green spirituality relevant to today’s world? This talk will answer these questions as well as looking at the impact of the Universe Story (the amazing story as revealed by science from the origin of the Universe to today). Green spirituality will be explained from the perspective of GreenSpirit ( as an example of green spirituality.

Click here for an interview with me about green spirituality.

Ian Mowll is the Coordinator of GreenSpirit with over 20 years’ experience of working in the eco-spiritual world. He is also an Interfaith Minister and he conducts ceremonies for people of all faiths and none.

Ian is based in London and give a talk for travel expenses only. E: T: 0208 552 2096.

Moving to a Plant Based Lifestyle

A talk by Piers Warren

Many people these days are transitioning to a plant based or vegan lifestyle, with its clear improvements in health and longevity, lowering carbon footprints to reduce climate change, animal welfare and so on. Piers can give a talk on issues around this subject area including:

  • The benefits of a plant based lifestyle
  • Vegan diets – how to eat well, easily and cheaply
  • Growing your own organic food veganically (livestock-free)
  • How to aim for self-sufficiency

Piers Warren follows a vegan lifestyle and is a veganic grower of his own food. He is the author of numerous books including The Vegan Cook and Gardener and writes regularly for a number of magazines including Vegan Life, Growing Green International and GreenSpirit Magazine.

Piers is based in Pembrokeshire and can give a talk for travel expenses.