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The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, storing and cooking delicious healthy food all year round

by Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining

Full-colour paperback

Permanent Publications, 256 pages
RRP £19.95, ISBN 978-1856233187

Packed full of photos, this useful guide will help you grow your own fruit and vegetables, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs, salads and sprouts, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet. Father and daughter team, Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining, share successful growing techniques and seasonal recipes, plus years of experience of animal-free, healthy living. They show you how to:

* Grow your own food Garden without animal products
* Grow more challenging but delicious crops
* Produce food all year with practical growing techniques
* Store any excess to keep you going through the leaner months
* Cook your produce with a selection of satisfying and delicious recipes
* Discover the fun and huge sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking something you have produced yourself. Grow and eat for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable world!

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Review by Marian Van Eyk McCain



Downshifting Made Easy: How to plan for your planet-friendly future

by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Paperback and low-cost eBook

O Books eBook and 82 page paperback
RRP £6.99 paperback, ISBN 978-1846945410

Why are millions of people starting to move towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle?

If you, too, are to join this worldwide effort to create a different sort of world, when should you start? How should you set about it? Where might you do it? And to whom can you turn for advice and guidance? This easy-to-read guidebook, by an author who undertook a similar journey, aims to answer all these questions and more.

There are many books of practical ideas for green living. But this one goes to the heart of the matter by looking at who you are, what your needs are and how you can create your custom-made plan for a lifestyle perfectly adapted to the coming ‘Age of Sustainability.’

Review by Ian Mowll



From Punk Rock to Green Spirituality

by Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)

Mid-price paperback and eBook

Smashwords and Amazon eBook, and Amazon 104 page paperback
RRP £4.25 paperback, ISBN 9798511082547

Selection of articles by GreenSpirit designer, writer and editor, interfaith minister, and 70s punk rock bass guitarist of The Wasps.

CONTENTS: Introduction / PART ONE: GREEN WISDOM / 1. From Punk Rock to Green Spirituality / 2. Caring for Our Sacred Earth / 3. Walking a Razor’s Edge / 4. Awakening to Creative Life / 5. Celebrating Our Interconnectedness with Nature / PART TWO: TRADITIONS / 6. A Postmodern and Age-old Wisdom of the Heart / 7. Expanding Our Circle of Awareness / 8. Yoga of Action / 9. Sex and Earth-Centred Spirituality in Hindu Traditions / 10. Islamic Environmentalism / 11. Christian Beginnings and Mystical Experiences / Author’s Books Used for this Collection

Review by Ian Mowll



Spirituality Unveiled: Awakening to Creative Life

by Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston), Foreword by Ian Mowll

Paperback and revised mid-price eBook (eBook cover shown on left)

Earth Books, 144 page paperback
RRP £9.99 paperback, ISBN 978-1846945090
2020 revised mid-price eBook available from Smashwords and Amazon (Note: paperback ‘paired with Kindle edition’ is higher than the RRP on Amazon, whereas other pages show the correct price)

Spirituality Unveiled puts forward a succinct and compelling synthesis of numerous spiritual traditions. Whilst weaving together insights from contemporary and past masters of spirituality, along with holistic and Earth-centred wisdom, it beautifully highlights teachings about the essentials of creative unfoldment.

Perspectives shared in the book invite readers to join in the important search to find a healthy interaction with life. Key areas include the power of creativity, the effects of positive and negative actions, and harmonious living with the natural world. Note: The cover image is of the 2020 low-cost eBook edition (see links below.

Contents page (2011 paperback edition)
Introduction (2011 paperback edition)
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Review by Marian Van Eyk McCain



Planet as Self: An Earthen Spirituality

by Sky McCain

Paperback and eBook

Earth Books eBook and 109 page paperback
RRP £9.99 paperback, ISBN 978-1846947254

Collectively, our institutions are slowly destroying life on our planet and many of us feel helplessness and despair as we witness ecocide all around us. We want to act. But first we must understand why it is that so many people seem to care so little about the planet’s health. Perhaps it is because age-old, limiting and often damaging cultural beliefs are passed down unexamined. These beliefs blind us to the astonishing and enlightening discoveries of modern science and to a full awareness of our embeddedness in Nature.

We and all planetary life are the sensory inputs and outputs of a planetary consciousness. Gaia is not ‘out there’. We and all Earthlings are the planet. Once we fully recognize ourselves as securely embodied in the fabric of this great being – planet Earth – our hearts and minds will shift into a loving relationship with the true ‘ground of our being’.

Contents page
More information
Review by Laurence Shelley



Holy Night

by Vincent Tilsley


O Books, 271 pages
RRP £11.99, ISBN 978-1846941993

Holy Night is a blending of an old mystery with a new one, the ancient tale of God’s nativity on Earth but within modern cosmology’s view of our planet as just one tiny dot in a colossal universe that emerged billions of years before the Bethlehem event. The result is a science fiction drama which quickly widens to include a cosmic power struggle, above and below. Beginning in the “Star” which hovers over Bethlehem, it develops into a confrontation between a God and a Satan who look disconcertingly like each other. The outcome is startling.

Review by Marian Van Eyk McCain



The Ecozoic: Journal of the Center for Ecozoic Studies

Printed and online

The Ecozoic is a printed journal, distributed annually to members of the Center for Ecozoic Studies, which is also available for free online in pdf format.

The Ecozoic Journal webpage

Issue #6 includes “A Sense of the Sacred” by GreenSpirit member Marian Van Eyk McCain

Marian writes about how she came to meet Thomas Berry, her green spiritual journey, and various projects undertaken by her and other GreenSpirit members.

Pdf of issue #6 with A Sense of the Sacred by Marian McCain



Free pdf Titles from Our Pamphlet Series and by GreenSpirit Members

What is Creation Centred Spirituality? by Grace Blindell

Walking the Sacred Story: A New Ritual for Celebrating the Universe by Erna and Michael Colebrook

The Green Mantle of Romanticism by Christine Avery and Michael Colebrook

How Things Come To Be by Michael Colebrook

Earthsong by Erna and Michael Colebrook



Other Key Titles

Links to Reviews:

Becoming Animal by David Abram

Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps

Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Original Blessing by Matthew Fox

The Great Work by Thomas Berry

The Hidden Spirituality of Men by Matthew Fox

The Living Universe by Duane Elgin

The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram

The Universe Story by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme