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GreenSpirit Calendar 2021

The 2021 GreenSpirit Calendar has beautiful photographs and inspirational quotations for each month.

For each month, the calendar has a landscape A4 page with a picture and quote. And below it, another landscape A4 page with a box for each day of the month (the weeks start on a Monday) to write your own notes. Here is a sample of the month part of the calendar, which shows lunar cycles and other information.

The calendar is printed on recycled stock by Anglia Print – one of the greenest printers in the country.

GreenSpirit members who receive printed copies of the magazine will receive a free printed copy of this calendar. GreenSpirit members who receive pdf copies of the magazine will receive a free pdf of the calendar. Click here to join GreenSpirit.

We have now stopped selling individual copies of the 2021 calendar but check back here for updates for the 2022 calendar when it becomes available.