Subscription payments are made in UK Pounds. Here are conversion rates to your currency (which do not include bank charges).

Payments are made by credit/debit card.

Please note that international postage outside Europe can, in some cases, take 2-12 weeks.

There are two forms of subscription for anyone 16 or over:

Full Member Subscription

£24 per annum.

All of the benefits of membership including the GreenSpirit magazine and calendar (which will be sent in the same format – post/email as the magazine).



Internet (paperless) Subscription

£12 per annum.

For anyone who wants to connect with GreenSpirit through the internet only (paperless) with all the benefits of membership including the GreenSpirit magazine and calendar. All information such as the magazine, calendar and newsletters will be sent by email.



GreenSpirit uses Enthuse for its online payments. Enthuse uses a sign-in system which means that you do not have to re-enter all of your details next time. You can can amend or stop these payments at anytime by logging onto the Enthuse website. Alternatively, you can contact GreenSpirit who can stop your payments. Enthuse does not use your email address for marketing purposes or pass it onto anyone else. On your bank statement you will see ‘’ for your payment to GreenSpirit.

The legal name of GreenSpirit (as registered with the Charity Commission) is “The Association for Creation Spirituality” – registration number 1045532.

GreenSpirit does not share your personal data including email addresses with anyone without your permission. See our data protection policy. You can change your subscription preferences at anytime.