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“For many of us, it's the spirit running through that limitless span of green organisations and ideas that anchors all the work we do. And GreenSpirit is an invaluable source of insight, information and inspiration.” ~ Jonathon Porritt

“GreenSpirit presents an ideal view of life with practical application. It is a joyful, inspiring and uplifting read.” ~ Satish Kumar

GreenSpirit magazine, which is free for members, is published in both print and electronic form several times a year. Each issue includes essential topics connected with Earth-based spirituality. It honours Nature as a great teacher, celebrates the creativity and connectedness of all life and of the cosmos, affirms biodiversity and human differences and honours the prophetic voice of artists.


The magazine is available at various outlets throughout the UK including Watkins Bookshop in London. If you know of an outlet you think would be interested in stocking the magazine, please send contact details to Ian Mowll.



Editors’ Page ~ Marian Van Eyk McCain, June Raymond, Stephen Wollaston and Ian Mowll
How look at animals? ~ Deborah Colvin
The Love of Dogs ~ Cath Mitchell
Calling Back the Animals ~ G.A. Bradshaw
Wild Connections: ~ An interview with Jennifer Verdolin
The Cow Deva ~ June Raymond
Enduring Images ~ Piers Warren
The Black Mamba ~ Amelia Kinkade
A Hands-on Encounter ~ Judy Cannato
The Paws that Heal ~ Margaret Lee
The Flame Robin ~ Sky McCain
Cobwebs (poem) ~ Miranda Cox
Inside of a Dog ~ Alexandra Horowitz
Book Reviews ~ Raised by Animals: The Surprising New Science of Animal Family Dynamics / Carnivore Minds: Who These Fearsome Animals Really are / A Street Cat Named Bob
Untidy Poem written in Portugal (poem) ~ Miranda Cox


There are no requests for submissions to future magazines from editors at this time.

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GreenSpirit is a registered charity based in the UK. The main contents/written material, editing, design and promotional work for all our publications is done on a purely voluntary basis, or given freely by contributors who share our passion for Gaia-centred spirituality.


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